Reviews for Who Can Read

Here are reviews from parents and teachers on our Who Can Read? app:

“I love this app! I haven’t found any other app with this quality especially for beginning readers. Students can practice reading books at their level. The books are engaging because they are good stories with story elements. Students can listen to the book to help them check their reading.”

“My daughter and I have really been enjoying this app – she loves the beautiful illustrations and photos, and she immediately figured out how to launch the books and proceed through the pages.”

“Love that I can have my kids practice same books that are used in school!”

“A well-thought-out and beautifully designed book reader for early and emergent readers. The books are designed by reading professionals and the prices are great. Highly recommended as a reading teacher.”

“My 6-year-old reads the books to my 4-year old and they both enjoy the app. Cute pictures and fun, age-appropriate stories.”

“Excellent app for early readers!”

“My first graders continue to be thrilled and engaged with their e-reading on the iPads. I have created a handy docking station where students can retrieve and put away iPads independently. I have also introduced them to the narrator voice (with headphones). That has been excellent for students of all levels but particularly it gives my challenged readers more opportunity to experience and enjoy books.”

Need more proof than these rave reviews that Who Can Read? is the app for your classroom? Download the app for FREE today and post your own review! We believe in our books and in your students.

reviews of Who Can Read