App Upgrade Coming Soon

Coming soon: a new version of our iPad app, up and running mid-July 2013. Not much is changing–we are simply moving our bookstore to a new platform. Not much will look different to you.

After July 1, the Who Can Read? app’s bookstore will not be available for a period of time while we upgrade, but you will still be able to use any books that you had previously downloaded to your bookshelf.

If you are a current user, here are instructions for getting the new app once the upgrade is complete:

  • You must have a 2nd-generation iPad or newer. (the 1st-generation iPad does not support iOS 6.0).
  • Your iOS must be 6.0 or higher.
  • Use the same Apple ID that you used to previously purchase your books.
  • Go to iTunes and download the new app.
  • Go to the Bookstore inside the app and click on the RESTORE button.
  • This action will restore all the books purchased on the Apple ID that your iPad is connected to in the iTunes store.

Happy reading!


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