Bella and Rosie books coming soon to the iPad

Coming soon: More Bella and Rosie books!More books featuring our marquee characters, Bella and Rosie, will soon be available on our iPad app.

Coming this winter, we will have many new books featuring all of your favorite Pioneer Valley characters. That includes our most popular characters, the adorable Bella and Rosie, two white Bichon Frises!

For those who don’t know Bella and Rosie, here’s a quick look at this dynamic dog duo.

Bella and Rosie under umbrella

Seasoned Bella and Rosie fans can tell these two dogs apart! Can you?

Bella’s Birthday is February 15th. She is older than Rosie by just a few months. Bella is prone to getting into mischief, like in the book Bella is a Bad Dog (only available in print). Bella also loves purple. If you are ever having trouble telling them apart, she is usually seen wearing a purple collar. Beginning readers love Bella because she is prone to ducking authority, and getting herself (AND Rosie) into trouble.

Rosie, born May 8th, is Bella’s opposite. She is cautious and worried much of the time. She’s always trying to keep Bella OUT of trouble. She loves the color pink and her favorite phrase is “Oh, dear!” Children love Rosie because she is relatable. Who doesn’t have a friend always trying to get them into shenanigans?

Look out for these Bella and Rosie titles, coming to the iPad in 2015:

Where is My Hat? D
Bella’s Birthday C
Fun at the Beach E
A Hungry Puppy D

And if you haven’t downloaded them yet, here’s a list of Bella and Rosie books that are available in our iPad app (for in-app purchase) already.

Dinner Time for Bella and Rosie A
Bella’s Busy Day B
Lost in the Woods E
Rosie is Cold E
Puppies for Rosie G

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