Pioneer Valley Books Announces a New Edition of Early Literacy App

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The company’s “Who Can Read?” app is aimed at helping children learn to read.

Northampton, Mass. – Pioneer Valley Books, a long-time publisher of fiction and nonfiction books for early readers, today announced a new edition of their already popular iPad app.

Pioneer Valley Books’ newest edition of their free iPad app called “Who Can Read?” is an electronic book reader. The app offers a collection of books with varying reading difficulty so that each child can read at the appropriate level. “Who Can Read?” also features audio so a child can have the book read to him or her. The audio can be turned off as the child improves their abilities and begins to read on their own. The available books include many different stories and subjects. All of the books offer colorful photographs and illustrations.

“Who Can Read?” can be used as an effective tool for early childhood literacy. “The fact that I can get some of the books on the iPad adds another dimension of appeal. Pioneer Valley Books makes learning so much simpler,” said one elementary school teacher. Using the iPad as a teaching tool is an effective way to get children excited about reading by using technology while giving them a simple way to access many books at different levels.


Studies show that the best way to teach children to read is to match them up with books that are at their current reading level. Each book within the application is given a letter grade based on Guided Reading educational standards. The leveling system is explained in plain language in the application so parents know what level of book to start their child with. Books in the application are labeled from easiest (level A) to most challenging (level M). A gradient of book difficulty is a helpful tool for selecting just the “right” book for each child. Beginning readers build their fluency and comprehension skills when they read books that are not too easy and not too hard, allowing them to concentrate on comprehension instead of struggling to decode many unknown words.

Pioneer Valley Books has a wide range of books already available for in-app purchase. Each book costs $2.99. To download the application, visit:

About Pioneer Valley Books

Pioneer Valley Books’ mission is to provide educators and parents with high quality books and other resources to support beginning readers in the successful acquisition of reading.

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