Boost Your Child’s Word Knowledge

If your child is just setting out to learn to read, you might need to boost his or her word knowledge. Here are a few things to help you pick the right Level A book* and ways you can use the book with your child:

  • Find a level A book, like Daisy’s Party Dresses. The book should have an easy language structure and easy-to-learn words.

    Boost Your Child's Word Knowledge - Daisy's Party Dresses - Who Can Read? iPad app

    Here are some other examples of language structures with easy vocabulary: I am running. I like pizza. Mom is cooking. Here is a ball. Look at my ribbon. Dad can see a car.

  • The sentence on each page should be a complete sentence. Books with simple phrases like a bat, a ball, or a mitt are unacceptable because they are not complete sentences.
  • The pictures should clearly illustrate the sentence.
  • The font size and spacing should be clear and wide.
  • The nonfiction book Insects is another example of a Level A book.

    Pioneer Valley Books Nonfiction Books

    Notice how clearly the picture illustrates the text. High frequency words (Here, is, and a) are used on each page of the book.

Now that you’ve found the right book, sit down with your child:

  • Look at the pictures in the book together, then read the book to your child.
  • Repeat it over and over again until your child feels like he or she can “read” the book.
  • Keep reading the book, inviting your child to say the words with you as he or she starts to pick up on the pattern.
  • Continue adding new Level A books to keep your child interested in the process, and when he or she has conquered level A, move onto Level B.

Increasing your child’s word knowledge is one building block to becoming a reader. Good luck!

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*For information on Level A books and our leveling system, go here.
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