5 Reasons Your Kid Should Be Using Our App

Here are the top 5 reasons why the Who Can Read? app will make your child a better reader. The simplicity of the app is deceptive; we kept the interface rather streamlined (not too many bells or whistles) because we believe that the secret sauce of our app is the books themselves.

What is it about our books that will make your child LOVE reading?

1. The characters

Bella and Rosie eat burgers

The characters featured in our books are beloved by students in classrooms around the country and world. Don’t believe us? Ask any Reading Recovery student who Bella and Rosie are and they will likely be able to answer you. That’s not all: we give our characters real-life personalities that students and kids recognize. Perhaps your child will identify with how brave (and at times mischievous) Bella can be or with how shy and cautious Rosie behaves. Even if our characters aren’t the ubiquitous Mickey or Dora or Clifford, they are every bit as likable.

2. The stories

page from Daisy's BellOur authors work hard to make the stories they write appealing to younger audiences. Story plots are easy for kids to understand and relate to.

3. The font choice and spacing

Rosie is Cold - a Pioneer Valley Book

In our 15+ years of experience, we’ve learned which fonts work to help kids learn to read and which ones make it much harder on struggling learners. So the next time you open up another reading app or book, and the font makes it hard for YOU to read, think of how hard it is for a child who is just learning to read.

4. The leveling system

We use the Guided Reading leveling system (from A through M) to let you know how difficult the book might be for your child. So you don’t waste your time with a book that is too hard, start with the easiest books, stop when your child starts struggling, and move down a level. At-home reading should come easy and feel pleasurable.leveling-system-who-can-read

5. The research behind the words

Teachers-Reviewing-BooksBefore we publish any story, a team of reading experts will dissect it word for word, and make sure that the author didn’t introduce a lot of confusing vocabulary, that sentence structure is sound and consistent, and that repetition of words or phrases happens when appropriate.


If you would like to try the app out for yourself, download it for free on the App Store. The app comes with 3 free books for you to try out, with the option to purchase more books inside the app. The price of each book is well below the retail price of print books and competitive with Kindle book pricing.

Happy Reading!

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