Four new books available for purchase

We now have four new books available for purchase inside our app. These four books feature beloved characters from the Pioneer Valley Books library, including Quack the Duck, Jack & Daisy, and of course Bella & Rosie.

The books are $2.99 each and well worth it! Here are screenshots of our latest books.

Puppies for Rosie is an adorable Level G book (which means it’s good for first-graders who are progressing along well in their reading) featuring Bella and Rosie’s first encounter with new dogs Jack and Daisy.

Quack the Duck is a super-easy book at level A. We find Quack irresistible and we think you will, too.

Dinner Time for Bella and Rosie is a bestselling book in print–now you can enjoy it on the iPad! Another easy level A book.

Daisy’s Bell is an adorable Jack and Daisy book. Daisy gets lost and the rest of the dogs have to find her. Level G

All of these books are available for just $2.99 with many more to come!

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