New nonfiction, fairy tales, and illustrated books

Our latest set of books available on the Who Can Read? app feature a variety of genres at a number of different levels. Remember, to go to the new books, open the BOOKSTORE page in the app and look for new books on the lefthand side of the screen.

Little Monkey is Brave is a Level D book, illustrated by Max Stasuyk. Little Monkey shows off how brave he is by teasing Lion. Will Lion get Little Monkey? This book is written at a first-grade level.

Princess Pig and Marvin is a Level C book for beginning readers (kindergarten to first grade) illustrated by Ann Caranci.

Princess Pig and Marvin

Porcupine is Hiding is a Level B book for beginning readers (kindergarten to first grade). The illustrations were done by Sterling Lamet. The text is very easy to read with plenty of repetition to help increase vocabulary.

The Frog Prince: This well-known traditional tale features crisp, bright illustrations that are sure to draw in young readers. It’s Level K, which means it’s appropriate for children reading at a second-grade level. Another Ann Caranci masterpiece.

The Frog Prince

Making Maple Syrup: This level F nonfiction book shows you where maple syrup comes from and how it’s made. See our leveling system to see what kind of first grade reader would be challenged by this informative book.

Making Maple Syrup

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