New books for August!

We have a handful of new books for the Who Can Read? app to share with you.

Baby Animals of the Rain Forest, a title from our Tiny Treasures series. It is a level B book, which means it is perfect for a young reader who is just starting out with reading but has progressed beyond level A. It is important to move your child or student up the reading ladder gradually by introducing higher level texts. At any point, though, reading books slightly below the child’s current level will keep his or her confidence level up, so don’t be afraid to keep those in the mix, too.

Baby Animals of the Rain Forest for the iPad

There is no chance you won’t be hungry after you read Making Pizza. This nonfiction C-level book is a popular one in our print catalog.

Making Pizza - Who Can Read? iPad app

Another book in our nonfiction series is Vehicles. Level B. All of our nonfiction books feature a glossary at the end of the book. Lower level books have a picture glossary like the one pictured. Higher level books will actually include a definition.

Vehicles - A nonfiction book on the Who Can Read app

Food for Jasper is another Level B book. This one is illustrated fiction introducing the adorable fat cat Jasper.

Food for Jasper - Who Can Read? iPad book

This time around we’ve also added a chapter book at level K. Fishing in the City is written by Michael Rafferty and features two adorable city mice (not rats!).

Fishing in the City - Who Can Read? iPad app - Pioneer Valley Books

If you need any help downloading new books or have any questions, concerns or comments, go to our help page.

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