New books for July!

We have four new books at various levels available for purchase inside the app for $2.99 each.

The Garbage Can Concert is another book illustrated by Ann Caranci. It’s about two mice (not rats!) who want to raise money for the orphan mice in their city. Adorable! ┬áThis is a Level L book, which means it’s appropriate for highly skilled readers at the 2nd-grade level.

The Garbage Can Concert - Michael Rafferty

Lemonade for Gilbert is a cute book about Gilbert, a pig who often gets into trouble. It’s leveled at an H, which means it’s good for the skilled 1st-grade reader.

Lemonade for Gilbert for the iPad

Insects is a super-easy book at Level A. Help your new reader with her insect vocabulary.

Insects for the IPad

Fun for Pickles features the adorable pup Pickles who loves to watch TV, to the chagrin of her owner. This Level K book is good for any 2nd-grade reader.

Fun for Pickles for the Who Can Read? ipad app

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